Project Diva Magical Sound Shower with Vocals

Hatsune Miku the blue ponytailed Japanese vocalist has a large following in Japan, first appearing on the Sony PSP then a year later hitting the arcade, Project Diva looks like its here to stay and will now get a release outside of Japan for all of the western fans too.

Personally, the only previous interest i’ve had with Project Diva has been checking out hot women dressed as Hatsune Miku at Cosplay events.

But I didn’t know this game also featured tracks by Hiro featured in three of Yu Suzuki’s classic games.

A vocal version of Magical Sound Shower is in there ( Would love to know what she’s meant to be singing)


Afterburner track


Also… PowerDrift



4 thoughts on “Project Diva Magical Sound Shower with Vocals

  1. They could have done a bit more effort on the Magical Sound Shower (compared to Afterburner and Powerdrift). I guess it may have to do with the licensing. SEGA please renew license with Ferrari, all that we are getting Outrun related is not the real deal.

    • Your entitled to your opinion and it’s not to everyone’s taste I agree.

      Lots of people do like the Miku music though…it’s very popular in Japan.

      Happy to say that I much prefer the original without the vocals!

      Thanks for the link… ๐Ÿ‘

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