OutRun on the AT Games SEGA MegaDrive Portable

๐Ÿš—๐Ÿ’จ I thought I would share with you all my experience with the AT Games Portable SEGA MegaDrive Ultimate that I recently purchased from FunStock

I have been feeling the need to revisit the good old MegaDrive days recently and the MegaDrive portable caught my eye, mainly as it was well priced and had the ability to load Roms via an SD card.

20130802-212141.jpg[Above – the SD card slot located at the top of the machine]

Having owned 2 Japanese SEGA MegaDrive’s and a Handheld SEGA Nomad I have had a pretty good exposure to the MegaDrive and the games released over its years of popularity, so revisiting them on the new portable was great for my retro gaming nostalgia.

[Above- The SEGA Portable, small and very light]

The machine comes preloaded with 20 of the usual SEGA MegaDrive compilation games like Golden Axe,Sonic and Streets of Rage, but the best part is adding your own games.

[Above- Page 5/9 of my personal games list including OutRun (Obviously)]

Steps to add games to the SD Card and Screenshots etc.

1. Buy a SD Card. (The card must be SD only and not SDHC.
2. Format the card with your PC using the FAT Format.
3. Put the SD Card into the portable and select SD from the menu. This will create a folder called ‘Game’ to the card.
4. Remove the card and insert it into your PC.
5. Locate the ‘Game’ folder and add your Roms in there ( Rom format must be [.Bin]
6. Put the SD Card into the machine, select SD and you will see your games list.

If you want to add your own screenshot to your gaming list you can download the program and the .MDB file from here >>>> elektropage

7. Put the .MDB file into your Roms folder.
8. Start the downloaded screenshot program as seen below.โฌ‡


9. Open the .MDB file from your games folder.
10. Create your own game screenshot for your games list. The game names list must match your Rom names.
11. Add a game name then select the picture to accompany the game. ( pics must be no more than 120mm x 112mm in size and contain less than 63 colours.
And that’s how to load games and have screenshots for your portable MegaDrive ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

The Machine runs an emulator called Firecore which has a very good compatibility with most of the MegaDrive games released.
The weakest element of this machine is the sound quality. I won’t go on about it here, it’s well documented online and on YouTube.
Below are some of the Yu Suzuki SEGA games that I dropped on the machine











If your a MegaDrive fan but no longer own the machine this is a great way to re-live the good times of the MegaDrive (anywhere) ..and now its more portable than ever.
Check it out at FunStock Games
Price = ยฃ39.95


10 thoughts on “OutRun on the AT Games SEGA MegaDrive Portable

  1. When I insert my formatted SD card into the device the ‘game’ folder isn’t created. I’m using a micro SD card in an SD adaptor. HELP?!

  2. Sorry! One more very important thing!

    If your ROMs were “found”, they might be in a different format than what the Firecore emulator expects. Many of the PC emulators want a format SMD format (extension .md or .smd) but the Firecore wants BIN format. And no, you cannot just rename them. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Google will help you, there are multiple free utilities available to convert ROM formats. For example I run linux and have been using Bart Trzynadlowski’s GROM utility with no problems. Windows users may prefer something else.

  3. Hi found your page really useful as bought a sdhc card and couldnt figure out why it wouldn’t work thanks. Where did you download all your games from?

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