OutRun Bootlegs

Philko released the bootleg arcade board for OutRun with the BETA logo in the game instead of SEGA.

As well as the bootleg boards there are also some cabinets out there that aren’t official SEGA machines.

Here some pics below of non-official machines.

[Above- This stand up machine at a glance looks like a official machine, but closer inspection shows no SEGA logo on the side art. Lots of smaller differences in the monitor bezel ,control panel, wheel, and front panel. Source – OutRun Re-assembler


[Above- Another bootleg found in Germany. Again a similar image of the original side art without the SEGA logo. This one has some strips down the front panel not to dissimilar from the original.

[Above- the latest find from Arcade Italia
A sitdown variation of the standard sitdown arcade machine.

With most of these variation it’s unclear where they came from.
Were they bootleg production replicas or were they created by OutRun fans who couldn’t have an original machine.

If you have any info on bootleg OutRun machines, own one or have any info to share drop me an email.

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5 thoughts on “OutRun Bootlegs

  1. I have all 3 of the bootleg PCB’s sitting in a box at home.i can send pictures if any one is interested. i don’t have any real need for them anymore.

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