Custom made OutRun from Israel

Custom Build OutRun Machines

Jackie Abuhazera from Israel has been a fan of OutRun since 1987, he mentions on his own blog that OutRun was the one game that stood out to him in the arcade.
So he decided to make his own version to bring back the memories…….

Above – time to have some fun with friends.

Above- Nice 80’s artwork

Above- Ferrari wheel and Route Map


Time to transform for another Yu Suzuki classic…..



All set up for Space Harrier and Afterburner.

His arcade at home machine was never meant to be a replica, it’s a functional machine that transforms into his favorite games of the past.

Over the next week or so I will be featuring some other OutRun home made machines.


2 thoughts on “Custom made OutRun from Israel

  1. It looks great, definitely something I would like to own. Makes more sense to have build your own version now that with an emulator it is available at 60 fps.

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