OutRun 3 coming as early as Jan 2014

It’s official and its coming as soon first quarter 2014…’OutRun 3′ is in the making and is heading to the arcades as early as first quarter 2014.

Looking at the screenshot released by SEGA it looks like we will have the option for female characters to take the lead and drive.

As usual it’s blue sky’s, palm trees, clear blue water and red Ferrari’s that give the game that SEGA look and feel straight away.

From the release picture OutRun 3 is looking pretty awesome already. I can’t wait to get some more info..let hope it will also make its way to the next gen consoles!


This post was part of the site APRIL FOOL 2013 !!!!


6 thoughts on “OutRun 3 coming as early as Jan 2014

  1. Cars look a bit generic to me, if that is a Ferrari which model is it? I am still super hyped abt this and hope it is not April 1st joke (as it was posted on the 31st :)). I was super xcited abt this yesterday, had to check tday for some additional info. Cheers!

    • Hi all, I’ve had these two photos for around 10 months now, just after I started this blog.

      It’s not OutRun :0

      …wish it was but it is an April fool….and boy have people been flocking to the site to see the pics. Today has been the second most popular post since the site started. Over 200 visits today!
      Obviously I posted this on April 1st in Australia, which is the 31st of March for most countries ๐Ÿ˜‰

      I came across these pics searching on Google Japan for OutRun related stuff. No idea what these pics are from but it’s OutRun inspired for sure and although the car is red and looks pretty awesome it’s not a Ferrari.

      Anyway guys, from the visits today it looks like there’s a lot of live for OutRun and a new sequel.

      • You know, I was actually going to credit you once again for a news piece on RadioSEGA. But then I realised it was already April 1st in Australia! Damn timezones!!! XD

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