OutRun 3D heading to the 3DS

Sega have just announced on their Japanese site that the next installment of their classics Yu Suzuki games has had the 3D 3DS make over, that game is Super Hang-on.


Previously released only a few months back was Space Harrier ( See Below)


Looking at Sega Japan site 2 more games are getting the 3D makeover too (See Below or click on the link)


Any true sega fan will know that there’s a clear history of these games being grouped together with OutRun and Afterburner and both would work well with a 3D 3DS makeover.

You heard it here first guys…OutRun is heading to 3D on the 3DS as a download from the Nintendo eshop….it’s got to be a cert!


7 thoughts on “OutRun 3D heading to the 3DS

      • Good spot!

        Sadly, I think it will be the replacement car, as I don’t believe Sega have the Ferrari license at present.

        Am I right in thinking these are digital only titles and available in Japan only, so no nice packaging? Is there any way of acquiring these titles in the West?

        It should also be noted, that this is the first official 16:9 release of OutRun. Will be interesting to see how it looks.

    • Hi Chris,

      At the moment they are digital download only and also only available in Japan.
      I don’t believe there is a release date yet for the rest of the world. Maybe they will get a late release and be grouped together and packaged for retail.
      Agree about the car….I doubt it will be the Testarossa which makes it just not look right.
      Didn’t notice that Super Hang On and Space Harrier were stretched and not true 16:9… Like Canonball ๐Ÿ˜‰
      Love the progress on your track editor, looking awesome.

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