Outrun By Kavinsky

If your a Sega OutRun fan and have a love for the 80’s you might want to check out a guy known as kavinsky.

Kavinsky is a 37 year old French DJ/Music producer who has just released an album called ‘Outrun’

I have a feeling the title of his album is not just a coincidence that it’s the name is the same as my favorite game…I’m sure OutRun (the game) has a special place in Kavinsky’s childhood and memory.

Kavinsky loves everything about OutRun the game and there photos below to prove it.

Yu Suzuki has signed a personal Dreamcast Gameworks vol1 for Kavinsky.

…and Yu Suzuki has been spotted holding a vinyl copy of Kavinsky’s Outrun album!

I have been listening to Kavinsky’s OutRun album on the 1 hour drive to work over the last week and it’s awesome. Great to chill out to whilst driving…it’s progressive and kinda tells a story as the album moves on track to track.



I would like to thank Ivan (one of OutRun86’s followers) who lead me
to Kavinsky and his OutRun album and I would also like to thank Kavinsky himself for the Instagram ‘Like’ of my Lego OutRun Banner!



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