2. 🚗OutRun Flyers,Mags & Promo Items[Update 23/10/2012]

Gamest Magazine (Japan 1987)

Found this magazine on a Japanese auction site which has a feature on OutRun….unfortunately I’m not sure what it’s all about. I think it’s a guide for a couple of the stages.





5 thoughts on “2. 🚗OutRun Flyers,Mags & Promo Items[Update 23/10/2012]

  1. I have a copy of this magazine. It’s the issue where the gear gacha technique is first revealed (presumably leading to loads of broken gearsticks over Japan!). Yu Suzuki mentions this issue in his interview with RetroGamer magazine.

    The main OutRun content is indeed shown in the picture above.

  2. You can use one of the western services that will import Japanese auction items for you. Be warned though, it gets expensive very quickly once you pay all the overheads – so it’s only a last resort.

    For example, for a 4000 yen auction item, you’ll be paying around ~1500 yen commission to the importation company, plus local Japanese postage, plus reshipment to your country. Therefore, it’s not worth using on a casual basis or anything that appears on Western ebay as the overhead costs are massive.

    if you want the Gamest magazine, I would recommend purchasing from here, where it’s over 1000 yen cheaper than the auction listed:

    Hope that helps.

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