OutRun Holy Grail ?

Check out this gold plated SEGA Outrun Testarossa.
It has Outrun embossed in the back and SEGA on the rear number plate.


Very little is known of this artifact, but rumor has it that it was the going to be the top of a trophy to be issued to the best distributers of the 80’s OutRun arcade machine.


I have heard that there may be up to 100 of these made back in the day, but they are pretty rare nowadays and hard to get hold of.

I recently spoke to SEGA amusements about the gold Testarossa and they have not been able to add any new info on it.

Enjoy the photos!


4 thoughts on “OutRun Holy Grail ?

    • Yes, your right…this must be the one from your collection @reassembler. I have only come across one other person who has one of these in their collection. Pretty special OutRun item.
      Would anyone like to share how much they got one for? andfrom where? I imagine they must crop up on ebay ..but very rarely.
      @reassembler – Really like your site and project!

      • I bought it on ebay from a seller in the US. It cost me a grand total of $24, which also included the “Golden Axe” axe I mention in the post. This is also very heavy and of a similar design! The postage was way more than the item itself. The seller was a dealer in antiques, and did not have any other computer game related items. I think he came across it when buying some other random stuff.

        The only other one I know of in existance is owned by Roger from outrun.org – his one also has broken wing mirrors.

        Great site btw. I’ll give you a link on my blog when I next update.

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