Updated Blog with Yu Suzuki page

Work in progress, plan to add further games produced/developed by Yu Suzuki


Yu Suzuki

D.O.B 1958/06/10

Accolades include;

Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences’ Hall of Fame (2003)

#9 in their Top 100 Game Creators of All Time list (IGN Awards)

Pioneer Award (Game developers choice awards (2011) [ seen below ]


Yu Suzuki joined Sega Enterprises in 1983 as a programmer.
He joined Sega’s development studio AM2 and began working on a motorbike arcade game called Hang-On (Released in 1985)


After Hang-on came the 3D fantasy zone third-person shooter called Space Harrier


In 1986 Suzuki then released OutRun to the arcades creating the feeling of cruising in your Ferrari Testarossa across beautiful driving routes with your blonde (but nagging) babe.
The deluxe motorized cabinet gives the greatest OutRun experience as it tilts and rocks to simulate the driving experience.


After Burner was released in Japanese arcades in 1987.
There were several different arcade cabinets for this game, for me the best experience was to play the deluxe motorized cockpit version.


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