Welcome to my Blog on all things Retro Gaming

I have decided to build a mini Outrun arcade machine as I will never probably own a full size one ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Outrun is my all time number one Retro arcade game!

I will show a progress of the project through this blog.

This is my first mini project, I have previously built a fully size arcade machine based on Bubble Bobble running Mame…maybe I will Blog that after this one.

This project will be mainly made of MDF with printed artwork of the arcade machine.

The plan is for it to house a iPhone 4s running Mame Outrun and the controls will be BTStack software and a Wii controller

I have started off by cutting out and sanding the side panels of the machine.

I used the side art to capture the shape of the machine.

Not sure if I will paint the MDF or use a laminate black sheet..will try out a few options.



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